Pros and Cons of Student Housing

This list of pros and cons was compiled on Friday, March 14, 2003, during a discussion involving members of the Illinois Community College Board's Student Advisory Committee and representatives of the Illinois Community College Trustees Association.

  • PROS
         Could make the college money
         Could increase value of property
         Could generate income from international students
         Could provide better access
         Would cut down on transportation time to class
         Would benefit students who lack transportation
         Would aid in recruitment of students
         Would aid in recruitment of athletes
         Would save time for students
         Would give students easier access to college computers and library
         Would save students time for studying and tutoring
         Would provide opportunities for socialization
         Would allow course-specific study groups to form
         Would provide another “connection” to the college
         Would give students a chance to become independent.
         Would generate a sense of community
         Would be a boost to student government
         Would give students a chance to know international students
         Would allow students to be responsible for their own living areas
         Would create “college life”
         Would save students money

  • CONS
         Might generate crime
         Would create campus police costs for the college (due to increased crime)
         Could depress local property values
         Would be an expensive liability for the college
         Would increase vandalism on campus
         Would create jurisdictional disputes between campus and city police
         Would create a “partying” atmosphere to the college’s detriment
         Would have adverse effect on education as students study less and party more
         Would reduce the college’s focus on teaching and learning
         Would tarnish the college’s image
         Would create new costs for the college
         Would appeal only to transfer students thereby creating splits among students
         Could lose money for the college
         Would divert money that could be used to build classrooms
         Would require costly expansion of food services
         would require costly parking
         Should be a low priority for the board

    At the close of the discussion, a student noted that while the group had produced more “pros” than “cons,” the “cons” might have more weight.

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