The Illinois Community College Trustees Association is celebrating 30 years of providing legislative advocacy and educational opportunities for college board members

Since 1970, the Illinois Community College Trustees Association has provided legislative advocacy and educational opportunities for college boards. Even if you are not an elected or appointed trustee, you may join the Trustees Association as an Associate or Lifetime Member.

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  • Illinois Public Community College Act
  • Order the 2017 Community College Act
           and related statues

    John Wood Community College hosted ICCTA's West Central Region meeting on March 13. Participants discussed articulation, economic development, pending legislation, and issues affecting education in rural communities.

    Trustees and presidents from ICCTA's Southeast and Southwest regions met at Kaskaskia College on February 27. Guest speakers included ICCTA executive director Mike Monaghan and Illinois Community College Board executive director Dr. Brian Durham.

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